IDM for Mac: Download Free Alternatives [2024]

When talking about the best Download Manager, IDM [Internet Download Manager] has been a long-time favourite, but It's not an option for those using MacOS 🙁

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Who says Mac users can't have it all? With the help of this article, you can bring IDM Download Manager features to your Apple Macbook. For those using a Macbook and seeking the capabilities of IDM Download Manager, this post is your solution.

This post will lead you to the 3 best Download Managers like IDM for Macbooks.

Let's take a glance at the IDM for Mac:

IDM is an indispensable piece of software/program that helps you to download your files. You can download your files simultaneously at a very high speed [6 times faster than your average speed]. IDM can download your videos from multiple streaming sites like Facebook, YouTube, and X (Formerly known as Twitter).

It allows you to resume your downloading from the point where you paused. By using this option, you can save both your time and Internet Data. Moreover, It supports bulk downloading, which means you can download as many videos as you want.

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Is IDM available on Mac?

As I already mentioned, IDM does not work on MacBook yet. This software is specially designed for Windows users, so IDM is incompatible with MacOS. IDM was created to work within Windows's environment. This software goes through many integrations to accelerate downloads. MacBooks do not support these functions.

IDM relies on vital programming interfaces and libraries like WinINET, WinHTTP, etc. MacBook does not support these API's (Application Programming Interface). IDM has different criteria than Windows. IDM uses the Windows interface, and Mac has a different interface. So, IDM is not suitable for the Mac interface.

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3 Free Alternatives for IDM in Mac

Here are some top-notch Download Managers for MacBook for you❤

1. Neat Download Manager: IDM of macOS

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Neat Download Manager is the finest download manager that can accomplish your tasks on Mac. Moreover, Neat Download Manager is the best IDM alternative for Windows, but You can't use IDM on Mac, so Neat Download Manager should be your first option. NDM (Neat Download Manager) is completely free. You don't have to purchase a subscription to download any video.


2. FDM [Free Download Manager]

FDM Logo

FDM is a fantastic option for your MacBook. As the name suggests, it's fully free. FDM [Free Download Manager] is known for its simple design and user-friendly interface. FDM is fully compatible with Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems.


3. Folx

Folx Logo

Folx is an exceptional download manager for Mac quite similar to IDM. It gives you a high downloading speed. Also, you can adjust the speed manually. This software will let you save logins and passwords for the websites you use most to download your content. Moreover, You can download your iTunes music playlists. It can easily download torrent media and create new torrents for various trackers.

The Folx pro version is available at a reasonable price of 19.15$. It also has a family pack offer of 39.93$. Once upgraded, you will be able to access many top-notch features.


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FAQs About IDM for Mac:

Q. What is IDM for Mac?

Ans: IDM for Mac is a complete download manager that lets you download your files quickly and provides features like accelerated downloading, scheduling, Pause/Resume, and file organization.

Q. Is there an official IDM for the Mac version available?

Ans: There is no official version of IDM specially designed for MacOS yet. However, there are alternative download managers for Mac that can be considered.

Q. Are there any free IDM alternatives for Mac?

Ans: Yes, there are several free IDM Alternatives for Mac, such as FDM [Free Download Manager], Neat Download Manager, JDownloader, and XDM.

Q. Can IDM extensions be installed on Mac browsers?

Ans: Unfortunately, IDM extensions are specially designed for Windows browsers like Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera GX, and Firefox. Mac users can't install them on Macbooks, but alternative download manager extensions may be available.

Q. What are some alternatives to IDM for Mac?

Ans: Neat Download Manager, Free Download Manager, and Folx are some alternatives to IDM for Mac. These programs accelerate the same features as IDM.

Q. Is there any news about an official IDM release for Mac in the future?

Ans: As of now, there is no announcement regarding this from officials. But you can stay updated by following our website. So, bookmark now

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