2024 ✅ Download Telegram Files/Videos Using IDM

Are you searching for How to Download Files from Telegram using IDM? Well, guess what? We have put together this comprehensive guide that will go step by step so you can get it done efficiently.

Download Telegram Files Using IDM

Telegram is a well-known social media messaging platform. It is a communication application that contains a variety of channels about different topics. These channels share a lot of useful and informational content. However, the file size shared by these channels might be large sometimes, and these files can't be downloaded from the Telegram Download Manager. Even if they are, they take a lot of time.

You can easily download the same large telegram file from Internet Download Manager.

First Step:

First, you need a public link to the particular file you want to download on your PC; with the help of the public link, the download manager can access the content independently without joining any Telegram channel.

How to get a Public link for the telegram file:

Follow these steps to receive the link for the telegram file:

How to Download Files from Telegram using IDM:

Now carry out the steps outlined below:

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